Friday, 14 October 2016

The Positive Effects that HTML5 can Bring to on SEO and Your Business

The next big thing in Exeter web design in 2016 is HTML5. However, there are some half-truths and outright lies out there about the effect of the technique on SEO. For this reason, the text that follows tries to shed light on the matter and show that the use of HTML5 is beneficial in SEO. This Hyper Markup Text Language is the latest version and is created specifically to bring an end to compatibility issues that affected HTML4. No More Plugins You can now embed typography, animation, high-quality drawings, interactive applications, and video directly into web pages as a result of the canvas element. Such a move is beneficial since web developers no longer need to rely on plugins and third party tools to run video, audio, and interactive web applications. For SEO purposes, the use of HTML5 allows search engines to index and access multimedia content. Read more from this blog:

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