Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Some Devon SEO Companies Share the Secrets of a Successful Website

The big question when creating a website should not be “What do I put in it?” but rather “How do I present myself/business?” Many people make the mistake of using their online database as an extension of their ad campaigns, making their websites look more like a brochure and less of a site. Keep in mind that the word “site” refers to locations for big things, like a building or an entire city. It SHOULD contain something that is important enough to warrant an entire space. In the same way, websites should be dynamic, interactive, and personality-driven.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Effective Optimisation in Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest are some of the most prominent social media platforms used by businesses all over the world. Venturing into these platforms, however, isn’t an easy task since their purpose would be to generate traffic back to a business’ website and improve its sales simultaneously. With that in mind, here are a few very important tips on how to create informative, engaging and creative content in your chosen social media accounts.
  • Know your Market – Each social media platform caters to a specific user population. For instance, LinkedIn is for the career-driven adults looking for ways to further develop their careers while Pinterest contains images that serve as inspirations for designers, event organizers, etc.  
  • Content Planning – Businesses should use social media platforms to create engaging content related to their products and services, improve customer engagement and of course to boost publicity (e.g. likes/shares for Facebook and retweets for Twitter).
  • Supplementary Content – With relation to engaging content, adding images or videos may also be done, especially if the content can is rather lengthy and you need a way to hold reader attention. Enhancing your content with images and videos can further engage your followers and even help you reach a wider range of audiences.