Thursday, 28 July 2016

Promoting Your Business through Local SEO

Now that businesses of all sizes are taking their operations to the web, having a solid online presence is among the best ways to gain new customers. One way of achieving this is by putting efforts on local SEO. You may wonder, though: why should you consider solidifying your local SEO efforts?

Going local

Put simply, solidifying your local SEO efforts attracts local consumers. You’ll want your website to cater to possible clients around the corner. It would be unfortunate, then, that these consumers fail to find your business online.

Thankfully, catering to local consumers can be done through these steps.

Ensure visibility on Google

Google makes it easy for businesses to reach out to their target audience. Take this time to ensure that your business is enlisted under Google businesses. Depending on how well you categorise your fields, Google can then suggest your business to local consumers.

Add your business in an online directory

Search engines also put high regard to businesses found on rich and active online directories, particularly so if the directory is specific to your industry. Thus, make sure that your business is listed in a local online directory, and your website will definitely rise up on search engine rankings.


Finally, it’s important that your website should contain NAP, or the Name, Address, and Phone Number. Despite this being the easiest step to take, some businesses still forget doing this, thus missing out on huge local opportunities.

Friday, 1 July 2016

The Impact of Comments on SEO

One element that most users don’t think about when optimising a site is the impact that the comment system has. When getting SEO services in Devon, understand first how comments on your site's blog play into the whole picture. However, know that some comments have a negative impact on your site’s search ranking.