Monday, 7 December 2015

How Will SEO Affect Skilled Trades in 2016?

Professional trades and entrepreneurs in Devon will be facing a challenging year in terms of online exposure and marketing. However, there are a few key areas to address which will make certain that they are making the most efficient use of their energies. Let us take a look at some trends that are expected to dominate 2016.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Beginner's Tips for SEO

If your company is in need of professional-grade SEO, and for one reason or another you can't hire a professional firm, you may feel very lost when looking into such a large subject. To make this task easier for you, here are a few helpful beginner's tips for SEO.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Benefits of SEO

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a exceptionally popular method of online marketing these days, and it won't take long to see why if you incorporate it into your own business! So many CEOs are adopting SEO mainly because of its effectiveness, and it's amazing capacity for ROI. Here are a few of the benefits you can gain from SEO marketing.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Long-Tail Keywords and Their Role in SEO

Just when you thought you’d mastered SEO using your keyword planner, someone mentioned long-tail keywords. What are they, and why are they better?

In their most basic form, long-tail keywords are an extension of your head keyword, but are far more effective at drawing consumers to a purchase. For instance, let’s suppose you have a retail establishment selling tropical and coldwater fish and pet foods in Devon.

Your store name could be North Devon Aquatics and Pet Foods. The obvious keyword(s) would be pet foods, or aquatics, both of which bring up hundreds of keyword combinations.

With pet foods bringing up over 400 keyword search results, you need to be rather more specific. You’ve just added a blog post on the value of buying pet foods in bulk. Using the long-tail keyword, ‘bulk pet foods delivered’, and the search numbers drop to three.

No doubt those three were specifically searching for someone who delivered pet foods in bulk, but the search results are a little low. Change it to ‘pet foods delivered’ and the results go up. Let’s not forget your local SEO. Change your long-tail keyword to ‘pet foods delivered in North Devon’ and although search numbers will drop, those searches should produce an even higher conversion rate.

Recent research has highlighted the use of long-tail keywords specific to a blog or content marketing piece, provide up to 70% of page views, a lower bounce rate, and a far greater conversion rate to sales.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Winning SEO Tactics for Businesses in Devon

Following the release of Google's Hummingbird search engine update in 2013, businesses in Devon have faced increasing challenges to their SEO practises. It's no longer enough to focus on basic tactics like keyword density, which means utilising the expertise of an SEO specialist is becoming more and more important. Now's the time to enhance your company's Internet presence the right way.

Being Useful is the Key to SEO Success
Google now focuses more on user intent than basic keyword analysis. One way to work around this is to answer questions, release guides, and make information as relevant as possible. Think about your consumer's needs, then incorporate your solutions into your website's content for success.

Make Sure Your Content is Mobile-Optimised
More people are using mobile broadband than ever, and 50% of mobile users who perform a search for a product or service use a local business within 24 hours. This means you shouldn't just enhance your local SEO, you need to ensure your website is mobile-user friendly. In doing so, you tap into an important part of the local Devonshire market.

Make Your Content Citable
If your content is well researched and visibly backed up with said research, other websites will cite it. Not only is this an organic SEO method in itself, it builds your business' reputation in the Devon area.

Using the right SEO tactics and the advice of an SEO expert, you can target your business towards Devon residents and broaden its online reach.

Monday, 20 July 2015

SEO: Targeted Solutions for the Modern Business

With a population of just over 1.1 million residents, the county of Devon is one of the most affluent within England. Therefore, professional businesses are always searching for ways to increase their online presence and reach a specific target market. One of the most effective methods to accomplish these tasks is through the use of turnkey SEO solutions. Why are these approaches so very critical for the Devon enterprise?

Changing Times

What worked effectively yesterday may very well be outdated tomorrow. One of the best examples of this mantra is how the recent Google Pigeon update has affected how websites are ranked on a search engine returns page. Without knowing the proper SEO techniques, rankings and exposure will naturally suffer.

Social Media Integration

Any professional organisation needs to be able to understand what its clients are saying. This is rarely accomplished through a static website alone. Other tools, such as social media optimisation, need to be part of any digital marketing strategy. By appreciating the success (or lack thereof) of a certain campaign, a business will be able to make changes in a proactive rather than reactive manner.

When we combine other areas of SEO expertise such as targeting a local audience and bespoke web design services, it becomes clear that these strategies can make all of the difference in the world. Thankfully, Devon businesses now have more choices than ever before in terms of how these methods are implemented and the success that can ultimately result.