Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Winning SEO Tactics for Businesses in Devon

Following the release of Google's Hummingbird search engine update in 2013, businesses in Devon have faced increasing challenges to their SEO practises. It's no longer enough to focus on basic tactics like keyword density, which means utilising the expertise of an SEO specialist is becoming more and more important. Now's the time to enhance your company's Internet presence the right way.

Being Useful is the Key to SEO Success
Google now focuses more on user intent than basic keyword analysis. One way to work around this is to answer questions, release guides, and make information as relevant as possible. Think about your consumer's needs, then incorporate your solutions into your website's content for success.

Make Sure Your Content is Mobile-Optimised
More people are using mobile broadband than ever, and 50% of mobile users who perform a search for a product or service use a local business within 24 hours. This means you shouldn't just enhance your local SEO, you need to ensure your website is mobile-user friendly. In doing so, you tap into an important part of the local Devonshire market.

Make Your Content Citable
If your content is well researched and visibly backed up with said research, other websites will cite it. Not only is this an organic SEO method in itself, it builds your business' reputation in the Devon area.

Using the right SEO tactics and the advice of an SEO expert, you can target your business towards Devon residents and broaden its online reach.